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Why You Need To Workout Through December

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Happy new month! Its absolutely crazy that December has already sneaked up on us; I feel like it was September yesterday. Time does fly but if you are in charge of it, you will be in control of what you get out of it. Since its the festive period, there will be a bunch of parties and events celebrating love, family, re-unions with old friends who are back for the holidays (summer bunnies) and of course, the crème de la crème being Christmas and New Year's. The common outcome of this period includes ample hangovers, crippling debt, and financial regrets from the over zealous generosity the season bestows upon us.

Having experienced all of the above in the past, last year I challenged myself to continue hitting the gym and eating healthy despite the number of events taking place in December. I would forego certain parties and limit my drinking to once a weekend whilst being deliberate about what I would eat. I also realised when I party back to back, my mind would get disoriented and my physical strength would be hugely affected; I guess we can blame it on age..but I am sure you can relate right?

Now that we have officially stepped foot into December, it also means that you have the opportunity to reflect on the past year and assess whether you are where you would have hoped to be. At the beginning of the year, I published an article on why fitness should be your priority in 2018 and the future. Have a look here. I still share the same mindset as the year started and would hope to encourage you to keep going!

I am sure you have heard or come across the term 'Drink December'. The word is used to give us the right to party away and nurse hangovers without considering the effects it has to our health. Although I still turn up during this period more than ever, I have to keep it real and say that it does more harm than good if you don't moderate it. Here are my six tips on how you can still have a good time this festive season while keeping the extra unwanted weight away.

1. Majority of gyms normally have special offers around this time of the year because they know members will need extra motivation to renew their membership. If you take advantage of these offers, you will save a lot of money leading into the new year. When January sneaks in, you will have yourself to thank! Oh, and this newsletter of course. :)

2. Sign up for all those new classes you have always wanted to try! With many fitness facilities opening up in Nairobi, you're guaranteed to find an activity that will pick your interest. Some of my favorite spots at the moment are Tipwa Tipwa Fitness, Bikram Studio, Alpha Fit, Fitness Revolution and Reform Studio.

3. If you'll be turning up as most of us will be at some point, then you will want to avoid mixtures like sodas and processed juices. Other than the fact that they are loaded with excess sugar, they actually worsen your hungover. So its best to either use water as a mixture, or freshly squeezed juice. If you love cocktails like me, I did an article with a list of cocktails that are low in calories. Check it out here.

Emmanuel Jambo & Zeddy Loky at Mwanaume Ni Effort Grey Goose Rooftop Party

4. Unless you are going to a lunch or dinner party, try to limit your meals to home cooked because you will be in control of the fats you're eating. Eating out occasionally is always a lovely treat but cooking in with your friends or significant other is always a healthier option and it enables you to build a connection accompanied with some soul food! Count me in any day!

5. If you'll be privileged enough to travel for holiday somewhere special, then you'll want to dive into my article on tips of how to stay in shape while on holiday. Some of the tips include packing your own healthy snacks, doing soft workouts like swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking or simply talking a walk on the beach. Click here for the full article.

6. If you know you won't be involved in any form of physical activity whatsoever, try to reduce your carbohydrates as you increase the vitamin and protein intake. There are ample recipes online of how to make delicious salads with fibre filled carbohydrates! Indulge in discovering new salad recipes and you can start with this one below.

This Roasted Butternut & Barley Salad is scrumptious and full of nutrients! Click here for the recipe.

7. Hydrate. You need to be hydrating twice as much this season especially if you'll be enjoying drinks with friends and family. Your skin and waistline will both be grateful when the new year kicks in.

Following these tips last year in December enabled me to remain highly energised and active during the festive season without feeling the guilt of over indulging. Most people struggle to get back on track in January because of taking things too far during this period. Here is the hard truth; if you want to maintain your consistency, stick to your normal wellness schedule and try to spice it up with new activities because you are the one who will struggle to get back into it. On that note, see you in the next newsletter where we will be diving into the benefits of taking up yoga, nutritional supplements and a lot more!

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