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Why The Journey Matters

Its not just about fitness goals. Its about building solid habits.

We have all heard that ‘healthy living is a lifestyle’, but what does that really mean for people who want to start this journey from scratch? Why do we refer to this lifestyle as a marathon and not a destination? To demystify this phenomenon, we have rounded up crucial lessons you can pick up along the journey of investing in your health. Hopefully once you appreciate these core principles, it will enable you to shift your mindset and really make it a lifestyle.

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The first article I published here was titled ‘Let’s Stop Talking About Summer Bodies’ where I explained the downside of looking at fitness from a short-term lens. We keep hearing people talk about how they are working out for summer holidays, beach trips or milestone events like weddings. Whereas I am not opposed to having short-term goals, I find that once these goals are achieved, most people stop looking after their health.

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The same applies to diets because they are short-term based; the question I always ask is, what happens when you finish the 14- or 28-day detox? Should you simply restart the same diet or jump to the next one? This is where the problem begins, it is simply not sustainable. When it comes to attaining fitness goals, its not only about meeting your targets but building solid habits.

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The minority mindset is one that is embraced by the most highly productive people because they have been able to attribute good health to the success of their careers or businesses. Once you apply these principles in your wellness journey, they will positively impact every aspect of your life both on a personal and a professional level. Here is a breakdown of how this happens:

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Discipline is doing it no matter what your emotional state is. If we only worked on our dreams when we felt like it, we would not be able to achieve much in life. As you begin or continue your wellness journey, you will realise that eating healthy once in a while or working out only when you feel like it will not breed any results.

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If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it. This principle is so powerful because it teaches us to focus on the long-term benefits of healthy living. Similarly, if we apply the same lesson to our professional life in the workplace, you are almost guaranteed of powerful results that could transform your business or your career.

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Getting strong and healthy is a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up. There is no shortcut, it takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself. Applying this in our personal and entrepreneurial journey teaches us to focus on the seeds we plant on a daily basis that will blossom into the future we envision for ourselves.

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Hard work

You don’t get what you want, but what you work for. Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever; if you stop the process of growth, how will you ever experience what the other side looks like? There is a powerful quote which says; our bodies can withstand almost anything, it’s our minds that we have to convince. This is true because as you continue working on yourself and even document the process, you will appreciate that progress does not take place within your comfort zone.

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Fitness teaches you resilience which is the ability to bounce back from life’s challenges and unforeseen difficulties. It refers to positive adjustment in the face of adversity and developing a strong foundation to cope successfully. Let's use weight lifting as an example; if you gradually increase the weights when working out you will notice your muscles getting stronger and eventually, you will advance to the next level.

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“That which does not destroy, strengthens.”- Friedrich Nietzsche

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