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Why Hydration Is Important

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When we are starting our health and wellness journey, we all tend to focus more on diet and exercise. One other part that plays a major factor in our health journey is water. A lot of us don’t realize how important staying hydrated is. Read on to learn more on why hydration is vital.

1. Joint Lubrication: Cartilage, which is found in our joints, contains about 80% of water. Staying hydrated helps keep our joints from wearing out easily. 

2. Keeps our Skin Healthy and Glowing: Drinking enough water helps our skin maintain moisture and which helps in preventing premature wrinkles and helps keep acne away. 

3. Delivers Oxygen to Our Body: Our blood consists of 90% water and blood helps carry oxygen to different parts of our body. Staying hydrated helps our blood move oxygen to our body. 

4. Helps the Digestive System and Helps to Remove Toxins: Dehydration can lead to constipation. Our body needs water to keep the flow moving and hence being more regular with our bowel movements. This in turn helps to detoxify our body.  

5. Boosts Performance During Exercise: When you work out, you lose water through sweat. Our body needs to replenish the water lost so that we keep our energy levels up and can keep our performance at its best. 

6. Aids in Weight Loss: Drinking a glass of water before a meal will make you feel full and lead to a decreased chance of overeating. Sometimes, our bodies also feel hungry when we are dehydrated. A great tip is to have a glass of water when you are feeling hungry. If the sense of hunger disappears in a few minutes, it means you were just dehydrated. This helps curb senseless snacking.  

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7. Prevents Kidney Damage: The kidneys regulate fluid in the body. Insufficient water can lead to kidney stones and other problems. 

Tips on How To Meet Your Hydration Goals

  • Wake up in the morning and have a large glass of water before consuming anything else. 
  • If you find water boring, add some citrus fruits, berries, or cucumbers in it to it to give it some flavour.
  • Keep a bottle at your desk, where you can see it, so you remember to keep drinking throughout the day. 
  • Eat more fruits. Fruit contains a lot of water and can help to keep you hydrated. Drink up and keep your body full of this liquid goodness because your body will thank you for it!  
  • Carry a reusable bottle full of water around with you wherever you go. That way you will always have water with you to stay hydrated.  
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About the Editor: Anushka Chandaria is a certified health coach. Through Nourish by Nush ( Instagram @nourishbynush) she helps clients reach their health goals using a holistic approach by taking into consideration all aspects of wellbeing such as their mind, body and soul.

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