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Tizi's Top 5 2019 Fittech Trends

As technology continues to shape our everyday lives, the fitness industry has been a huge beneficiary of innovations that have transformed how we stay fit saving both time and costs. The key thing that continues to stand out is that fitness technology (‘fittech’) uses your personal fitness profile and biometric data to optimize every workout for maximum results. So what makes these top five products stand out and why should we pay attention? Well...keep reading and find out why!

1. JaxJox Kettlebell Connect

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Have you ever gone shopping for gym equipment to stock up in your house but struggled to decide on the weights you needed? Sometimes you find that the weights you picked are too light and you’re forced to go back and pick heavier weights. I came across a company called JaxJox that has been able to cure this problem by manufacturing Kettle Bells with in- built technology that allows you to add or drop weight in seconds, saving you time and space. If you’d like to buy this bad boy, you’re looking at $299 for one kettle bell but this will come with its own charger and workout programme.

2. Fight Camp

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The Fight Camp is basically a fully equipped boxing gym that has been created to be portable with its own growing library of powerful and motivating workouts. The best part is that you can easily set up this camp in your home. This revolutionary boxing set comes with a shock absorption mat; punch trackers which display punch volume, speed and output in real time; wrist wraps for putting your punch trackers; handmade boxing gloves; and a punching standing bag. If you want to take this home, you’re looking at $1599 and a monthly membership fee of 35$ to access the workouts in the Fight Camp app.

3. Mirrors

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As if it doesn’t get any better, Brynn Putnam a former professional ballerina based in New York struggled to stay fit after getting pregnant. She came up with the idea of introducing a fitness boutique experience into your home and alas, Mirror was born! This high-tech workout product bills as an interactive home gym which looks like a normal mirror, but it streams live and on-demand fitness classes in a broad range of workout genres from yoga, pilates, cadio, boxing, HIIT among others. It retails at 1500$ and a monthly subscription fee for full access to all the workouts.

4. Peloton

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Men’s Health defines Peloton as the best cardio machine on the planet. That definitely validated its position as one of our top global fitness trends. After doing research into this new wave, I found that the company has been able to raise $994 million in venture capital and they have plans to raise $1.16 billion by going public this week at an $8 billion valuation. Let that sink in… Peloton is basically a spinning class brought into the comfort of your own home. The stationary bike is valued at $2300 with an attached tablet which is loaded with a library of video cycling classes led by the best trainers. There are talks that Peloton is working on a treadmill that will be valued at $4300.

5. Tonal

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Last but not least, picture having an entire gym on your wall with no bulky weight stacks or dumbbell racks that saves space and looks great in your home. Tonal is a similar concept to Mirror only difference is that it comes with its own in built mini-gym where you can pull out all sorts of bars with digital weights from the mirror. It works very similar to a fitness app but operates on a much larger screen. Whereas using a fitness app only gives you exercise demonstrations, Tonal’s system is wired to walk you through every exercise with the guidance of an elite digital coach. The coach can detect whether you’re actually working out; count the reps on your behalf and take a break with you in between sets when you need it. Are you ready to part with $2300 for this?

Which one would you take home? Comment below and tell us why!


Chief Online Editor: Loise Machira

Images: Mirror, Peloton, Forbes, Tech Crunch, JaxJox, Somnox

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