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We Were Nominated For Two BAKE Awards

Dear Reader,


Writing this newsletter feels unreal because never in my mind did I think I would be asking you to take three minutes to vote for Tizi Talks in the 2019 BAKE Awards. Yes, you read that correctly… Tizi has been nominated by the Bloggers Association of Kenya for two awards!

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To be nominated for two awards was not a thought that crossed my mind since I started blogging two years ago. After trying out different platforms to build the site, my sister introduced to strikingly. Although I wasn't sure how I would go about it, I knew I wanted to create content on wellness to illustrate the benefits it offers in one’s life as it had transformed my life.

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My biggest headache was what I would write for my first newsletter… somehow I felt the pressure of writing a piece that people would enjoy reading and bring them back to the site for more. During that period of overthinking, it was summertime somewhere in the world and a lot of the content on social media was around losing weight to get that ‘summer body’. There it was! I knew this was a topic I wanted to dissect and share my two cents on the misconceptions around embracing healthy living.

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The first newsletter was called ‘Let’s Stop Talking About Summer Bodies’; a true testament to why chasing the perfect beach body or summer body is detrimental to your well-being. Once I hit publish, I received a lot of positive feedback on the blog and ample encouragement to continue creating content! Ever since that first article, I knew if I created content that was informative and encouraging, people would start to see healthy living from a different perspective.

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Taking up an active lifestyle, eating healthy and using self-care practices like meditation are all crucial pillars that have hugely contributed to who I am today. After experiencing all the benefits wellness has, I wanted to share this with the world. With these nominations, my hope is to be able to reach more people and grow our subscription list to thousands of readers!

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Thank you for being part of this journey, reading all the newsletters, leaving encouraging comments and sharing them in your networks. Tizi would also not have come this far without support from our contributors Phoebe. G Louis, Brayan Koome, Sharon Gatonye and Desmund Njenga.

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Loise Machira (Founder, Tizi), Brayan Koome (Photography Contributor), Phoebe. G Louis (Wellness Editor)

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Tizi Talks With Eli Mwenda

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Chief Online Editor: Loise Machira

Photography: Raphael Mumo

Videography: Desmund Njenga

Location: Static: Tipwa Tipwa Fitness, Lavington Mall

Location: Video: Salmer Fitness, Karen Plains Arcade

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