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Top 10 Articles Of 2019

Dear Reader,

The time has finally come to jump into the next decade and we cannot be any more excited! With only a few hours left to ushering the new year, we thought it’s the perfect time to round up the top articles of 2019. In case you missed them, we got you covered!

With the growing rates of costly gym memberships, we broke down fitness facilities that will enable you to save that extra coin! Click the image below to read more.

If you are on social media and based in Kenya, you must have come across the great impact Tatiana Karanja has been able to create online. Being a full time mom, an award-winning photographer and an influencer, she spilled the tea on how she balances wearing all hats while staying fit. Click the image to read the full feature!

We first came across Yvonne online after following the incredible collection she has been able to co- create with her sister's brand (Endo) through a collaboration with Sandstorm Kenya. After seeing consistency with crossfit, we wanted to share her story. Click the image below for the full feature.

Its not common to come across a PHD holder who is a Kung-Fu enthusiast. Bright inspired us to step outside our comfort zone to try new ways of staying fit. Click the image below for the full feature!

If you would like to hear our take on the cost of paying for gym membership in Nairobi city, this feature is for you. Click the image to read the full article.

Have you heard of the #365daychallenge which was started to inspire people to stay active for 365 days? Anne- Marie was able to knock out the challenge back in 2018 and according to our resources, she has successfully completed the same challenge this year. Click the image below for the full story!

Paint The Run is a color run festival that celebrates harmony, wellbeing and bliss. For their 2018 theme, it was solely focused on raising awareness on mental health. Click the image below to ready more about the work they do!

Being a busy freelance make-up artist and a content creator, Mariam caught our attention with the consistency of her workouts. Read more of how this beauty influencer has been able to transform her life by clicking the image below.

After becoming an uncle, Conrad realised that he needed to keep up with his niece which meant he had to start being active. Through discipline and consistency, he was able to turn around his life and develop a fitness routine that works. Click the image below to read about our first Tizi Talks feature!

Bidanya is a colon cancer survivor and has been actively involved in creating awareness. After following her inspiring story, she shared her story with us and even gave details of how fitness and juicing was able to reverse the disease. For more details of her inspiring wellness journey, click the image below.

Here is to celebrating the end of 2019 and embracing the new year for all that it may bring.

Yours In Wellness,


Chief Online Editor: Loise Machira

Photocredits: Brian Koome, Desmond Njenga, Pexel, Strikingly

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