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Tizi Talks With Nimu Muriu

“Eat your cake, and your brown rice too. Moderation and consistency is key, a practice that will benefit us all in the long run.” — Aunty Nimu

We first interacted with Nimu Muriu virtually through our “Wellness In A Pandemic” IG live series as the first guest where she spoke to us about guilt free health; in case you missed it, here is the link. After she graciously agreed to meet us physically for the interview, the choice of location was Body by Alison Caroline, which is a lovely boutique studio located in Lavington- Nairobi. She walked in with a bright beautiful smile, very soft spoken and ready to spill the tea about her fitness journey.

Its not common to meet someone in their early 20's dedicated to investing in her health let alone being a trained lawyer. Nimu runs a health and wellness blog called ‘Aunty Nimu’ where she shares great content on how to live a healthy happy life and one that doesn’t shame your mistakes. She is a lawyer by profession about to finish her LPC which will allow her to practice law as a solicitor in the UK.

After seeing a lot of people normalize eating disorders and encouraging lifestyles that would lead to the same, she chose to create a blog that was very specific about the importance of being mindful to what we eat. Nimu noticed that many people don’t have a healthy relationship with food and was heartbroken to see them jump from one diet to the next. She wanted to show how to live a well rounded healthy lifestyle that doesn’t require one to weigh and measure yourself every other day.

As you will notice, her skin is absolutely flawless, and her content speaks to the relationship between what we consume and how it affects our skin. She did a lot of research into products to understand what was both good and detrimental to our skin and realized that majority were not aware of what ingredients go into these products. This subsequently meant that if people were not aware of these ingredients, they would be missing out on its benefits or worse, eventually damage their skin.

Aunty Nimu as most of her followers call her, has always been athletic since she was a child but started taking fitness as a day-to-day activity after gaining weight during freshman year. She realized that happiness wouldn’t stem from losing weight but by taking care of her body. During quarantine, she acknowledged there have been high and low days where some weeks she will workout 6/7 times and others twice a week. Holistic guilt free health has allowed her not to punish herself if she skipped a day or ate processed foods.

Giving her body the space to gain and lose weight has helped keep her mental health consistent and allowed her to be consistently happy. In terms of her fitness routine, Nimu explained that she isn’t motivated to create her own workouts everyday, so she opted to do two months of insanity with Shawn T. It’s a workout program that isn’t centred around losing weight, but getting stronger.

She explained that it teaches you amazing techniques on how to properly workout without inflicting any injury on the muscles you’re targeting. It's also great for monitoring progress through doing fit tests rather than weighing yourself. Insanity has made her feel stronger and healthier rather than be discouraged and unmotivated. When in Kenya, she does crossfit; in the UK she attends free workout classes at her gym; and while at home, she uses the Nike training app or FitOn which are both free applications.

On the topic of cheat meals, Nimu explained that she doesn’t need them because she eats well on a regular basis. Having foods that are considered unhealthy doesn’t make her feel like she’s keeping a secret from her fitness journey. As you will notice on her blog, she shares delicious recipes on pastries which she prefers to make at home rather than buying processed ones from the store. Check out this lovely recipe she recently published. The feel good feeling after a workout is what keeps her motivated to stay consistent.

Do something you enjoy, something that will bring happiness to you when you’re done. If it’s a fitness app that requires no equipment, do it. If it’s running up and down the stairs everyday, do it. If you don’t like running or intense cardio, find something that you do like and stick to it.- Aunty Nimu

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Editor: Loise Machira

Production- Pics Forest Photography

Location- BODY by Alison Caroline

Wardrobe: Sports Bra- Adidas, Leggings- Fabletics, Shoes- Nike

Nairobi, Kenya

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