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Tizi Talks with Mike Makori

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Often we give ourselves excuses as to why we can’t work out, but we all know that if something is important to you, you will make time for it. ​

Dear Reader,

Did you know that somewhere in the world today, people are celebrating chocolate caramel day? Welcome back to episode twenty two of Tizi Talks with Mike Makori. He is a TV presenter and currently the host of Lotto Live; the biggest lottery game show in East and Central Africa. He is also a corporate MC, social media brand influencer and a Director at The Revoli Lounge & Grill, a three level bar and restaurant in Nairobi city.

On top of wearing all those hats, Mike is a real fitness enthusiast and if you follow him on social media, you must have seen his dedication! We had to get in touch with him to give us details of his fitness journey and how he balances it all. This is what he had to say....

TIZI: How old are you?

MM: I have been on planet earth for three decades now, so I’m 30 turning 31 in April to be precise.

TIZI: How long have you been working out?

MM: I have always been active all through my youth from playing rugby and basketball in high school, to having another rugby stint at club level after high school, and all the way through university. However, I became very inactive and only picked up working out again three years ago. My lack of motivation cost me my consistency which led me to hang my gym shoes up until October last year. Now I’m hooked for life!

TIZI: What made you start working out?

MM: To be honest, I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore.

TIZI: Do you feel like it has made a difference in your life?

MM: Yes it has. In a major way! I have tons of energy especially when I wake up. I can also focus on my work on an optimum level and at the same time maintain lower stress levels. Oh, and I also look good naked now :D

TIZI: Can you please take me through your daily fitness routine on a weekday? And the weekend?

MM: I aim to work out four times in a week. This is spread out through the week and maybe over the weekend depending on my schedule and how my body is feeling.

MM: I don’t work an 8-5 so I am fortunate to have a flexible schedule. I like to finish all my meetings and different work and business obligations in the morning and early afternoon. I dedicate the rest of the afternoon to my work out. My routine starts with my diet. I eat five small meals spread out through the day and I also make sure to hydrate well. Before any session I make sure that I have had a meal prior so that I can use that energy in my weight lifting.

MM: I take 5g of creatine 30 minutes before I walk into the gym which helps me with my energy levels and overall stamina while I work out. I do 10 mins of cardio which is then followed by intense sets of 4-5 as I progressively add weight on my reps. Sunday is leg day for me. I combine that with forearm exercises.

MM: Tuesday I work my chest and triceps. Thursday, biceps and back. Saturday I work my shoulders. I don’t isolate my abs because it isn’t my goal right now and I also think that you engage your core in almost every exercise you do in the gym. I take whey protein isolate and creatine immediately after my work outs to help in my muscle recovery.

TIZI: Do you find it difficult to include your workout in your daily routine?

MM: Not at all. I have managed to make it a lifestyle now.

TIZI: What keeps you motivated?

MM: Right now I have a body goal that I want to attain. It keeps me going hard in the gym and in the kitchen.

TIZI: What can you advise people who want to start their fitness journey?

MM: The best advice I can give is to start now. Throw all the excuses out of the window and just start. Often we give ourselves excuses as to why we can’t work out, but we all know that if something is important to you, you will make time for it.

Yours in Wellness,


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Brian Koome


Infinity Fitness Center

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