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Tizi Talks With Liz Aluvanze

Dear Reader,

When I started running this interview series, never in my mind did I imagine that I would lose track of the number of people I have been humbled to meet through sharing their fitness journey on this segment. In case you are new to the blog, you can have a look at the journey from our first feature with Conrad Gray on this link. Nothing brings me more joy than to show you that leading a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyable, financially accessible and should be your priority.

If your reason for not taking up an active lifestyle is the issue of time limitation, then our Tizi Star will show you how she balances wearing a number of hats while making time for her health. She proudly acknowledged that taking care of her body is her responsibility and an expression of self-care. Welcome to Tizi Talks with Liz Aluvanze!

I bumped into Liz over the December holiday festivities in 2018 when we attended a mutual friend’s wedding and I could not help but notice how great she looked! She had recently started working out and appreciated how it helped her cope with stress. Being the wellness enthusiast that I am, I asked if she could share her fitness journey with us and she was fully on board without hesitation.

Liz Aluvanze, Jolie Ouko (Founder, Crevit Mulier), Loise Machira (Founder, Tizi)

Liz is an Aerospace Engineer by profession and runs her own aviation consulting company called ‘Skylar Consult’ which offers a variety of services from local to regional operators ranging from commercial, strategy, operations set up among others. She is also a stylist, personal shopper and recently created an aviation infused fashion blog called Liz Alu. Prior to running her own business, she worked at Kenya Airways Engineering Services.

When we linked up at Fitness Revolution for the photoshoot, she walked into the studio in a stunning under armour outfit with a warm smile on her face ready to break a sweat and spill the beans on her fitness journey. She told me how she had been working out consistently for six months and as a result of this, her skin was clearer, her health was fantastic, her diet had significantly improved, stress levels were low, her sleep pattern was regular and her body looked and felt great!

Last year around June, she was unemployed, frustrated with how everything was going and felt like she was going through a quarter life crisis which I am sure many of us can relate with. She decided to go into a gym to check it out and attempted to run on the treadmill for a few minutes which led to six months! It was the best thing she ever did for her body, mind and soul despite the ample times she couldn’t walk because of muscle soreness.

Liz goes to the gym three/four times a week excluding Fridays and Saturdays. Her one hour workouts start with a 20 min warm-up after which she focuses on the main body part of the day, followed with a core workout for 15min and concludes with deep stretching. She also tries to swim once a week and go to the steam/sauna twice a week after her workouts. In addition to her well organised fitness regimen, she would like to incorporate yoga but at the same time, she highly values the importance of resting.

Being self-employed enables her to have a flexible schedule where she goes to the gym the morning and dedicates the rest of the day to work and meetings. However, she explained that if she had an 8 to 5pm job, she would still find time in the morning because breaking a sweat gives one a renewed sense of energy and there are not as many people compared to evening rush hour. I think we can all agree that nobody likes an overcrowded gym!

Although Liz is cautious about eating healthy, she loves fries, pasta, wings and a good steak! When it comes to her fitness journey, the need to be better and do better has enabled her to be consistent. As we wrapped up the shoot, I asked her what she would say to someone who has never worked out before. With a tone of encouragement and warm demeanour, she smiled and said “Just do it! It’s not a race it’s a marathon... take your time! Trust me if I, Liz Aluvanze can do it, so can you!”

-Behind The Scenes-

Yours in Wellness,



Photography: Brayantaty

Location: Fitness Revolution

Wardrobe: Under Armour, Nike, Zoe Leggings

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