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Once you view exercising as necessary, you will find time for it.

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Did you make it for your morning workout? I believe we all need an extra push to stay motivated when it comes to fitness. Welcome back to episode nineteen of Tizi Talks with Justin Mungai Ndichu. He is an attorney working in a corporate litigation firm based in New York City specialising in anti-trust law, securities law, general commercial litigation, and government investigations. He is also involved in pro bono matters that span over a variety of practices areas including employment discrimination and criminal defense law.

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Seeing his fitness journey some years back inspired me to stay active and despite his busy schedule, he agreed to share with Tizi Talks details of his lifestyle. Most young professionals say they are too busy to include working out in their schedule. With Justin's feature, we'll see the importance of making your well being a priority. We got to chatting and this is what he had to say...

TIZI: How old are you?

JMN: 27 years old

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TIZI: How long have you been working out?

JMN: My journey into fitness started about eight years ago in my final year of university. It has been a continuing challenge and I've definitely had my ups and downs with consistency, however, I endeavor to take things one day at a time and continue trying to be my best self.

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TIZI: What made you start?

JMN: I was an athlete in high school and I was always in pretty decent shape. Upon reaching University, all that changed. I stopped exercising, my dietary habits became terrible and I consumed a lot of alcohol on a monthly basis. In about two years, I began noticing the effects on my body and I was displeased. Indeed, others noticed too. As soon as a close friend pointed out that I had "become chubby," I knew it was time to make a positive change. That was the catalyst that resulted in me taking the plunge. Truth is, however, the desire to become fit came from within. I still have a long way to go to achieve my goals.

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TIZI: Can you please take me through your fitness routine on a weekday? And the weekend?

JMN: I like to switch up my fitness routines regularly to avoid plateauing. Currently, I'm working on a program where I alternate weeks between isolating specific muscle groups and doing full body compound exercises. My current objective is to retain lean muscle and shred excess body fat. Thus, my routine would typically go as follows:-

Monday: Chest, Biceps

Tuesday: Legs (Hamstrings, Quads, Calves)

Wednesday: Cardio and Core [I'll typically take a fitness class]

Thursday: Back

Friday: Shoulders and Triceps

Saturday: Endurance

Sunday: Stretch and Rest

The other week is full body workouts 5 times a week; two of those would be high intensity workouts. I try to hit all the major muscle groups every day and these sessions tend to last 90 minutes or so. In general, I do resistance training -- but I do try to work in some plyometrics and calisthenics.

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TIZI: Do you feel like it has made a difference in your life?

JMN: Working out consistently has had a profound impact on my health. I feel both physically and mentally stronger. In fact, if I go too long without working out, I begin to feel out of sorts. Of course, working out also has its aesthetic benefits, although this is really just a tertiary benefit. The true value in consistent exercise is the physical benefits.

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TIZI: Do you find it difficult to include your workout in your daily routine?

JMN: No. I consider working out as necessary as taking a shower in the morning. I've adopted the mindset that it is a task that must be done on a particular day. Once you view exercising as necessary, you will find time for it -- No Matter What!

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TIZI: What keeps you motivated?

JMN: The desire to always be moving forward in life and not going back to where I came from. I've made it this far and so there's nothing stopping me from getting better and better.

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TIZI: What would you tell someone who wants to start their fitness journey?

JMN: Even the fittest of people struggle with motivation everyday and consider everyday a battle. One should never be ashamed of trying to better their health and better themselves. If you continue to tell yourself that you will start tomorrow, tomorrow will never come. Start Today.

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Yours in Wellness


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