Thyme Villa, A Hidden Gem in Naru Moru

Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause.- Cecilia Tran

Dear reader, welcome back to our travel segment as we escape to Naru Moru.

In the last two months, I have been blessed to experience two beautiful destinations. If you don’t believe in the power of manifestation, I hope this feature will change that. At the beginning of this year, my top intention was to visit a new place every three months, whether it was local, regional, or international. Indeed, this became a reality in a special way I would never have anticipated.

Naru Moru town is located in Laikipia County in Central Kenya; and it’s a 2hour drive from Nairobi if you leave early enough to beat the morning traffic. Its location strategically places it as a viewpoint for Mount Kenya on a clear day. The weather is great for outdoor activities; and with cold evenings, its perfect for a sit down around a fireplace or bonfire.

In order to get to the access the house, one has to drive through Naru Moru town and veer off into a gravel road for a 10 min drive (depending on the car you have). The hosts made it very easy to locate the house with signs on every main corner enabling us to stay on track.

Upon arrival this beautiful villa stands out almost making you feel like you could easily be in the Mediterranean. It is built to face Mount Kenya directly with an inviting pool at the center and a gazebo perfect for reading book, meditating, or catching an afternoon nap.

The lounge area can host a big group of friends or a family with a massive dining table and an even bigger sitting area by the fireplace. You can tell the designer carefully selected each piece of furniture because everything perfectly blended well in shape, colour, and texture. The intentionality of the design in the villa, stimulates creativity, peace of mind, and rejuvenation.

The villa also has a stunning patio where you can have breakfast, an outdoor lunch party, or afternoon tea. Depending on the type of booking, the host can facilitate a chef who is ready to cater to all your meals. Based on my experience, its highly advisable to send a list of meals you would want cooked, and do your own grocery shopping for the whole trip.

As you can see, the kitchen was well stocked with everything you would need including mocha pots for those who love to brew coffee. To spice it up, there is an organic garden where you will find fresh mint, rosemary, lavender and thyme. Access to freshly grown herbs was on brand, hence the name 'Thyme Villa'.

The villa comes with three en-suite rooms each with their own unique designs. The master bedroom is the largest with the perfect view of Mount Kenya and massive bathroom; perfect for a couple or even the indulgent solo traveler who loves the good life! There is a twin bedroom with its own spacious bedroom, and third en-suite room with a queen size bed.

For anyone looking to have a bit of work and playtime, the villa has wifi but the mobile network for phone calls is weak. Ideally, one is meant to unplug from the world and spend quality time either with yourself or loved ones. With such a tranquil ambience, beautiful views of Mount Kenya and cosy indoor spaces, its only right to keep all your gadgets away.

During this trip, I had a chance to indulge in activities that positively fed my body, mind and spirit. Sticking to a holistic self-care routine while on holiday amplifies the experience even more because it enhances your wellbeing. When I travel, I prefer destinations that can accommodate wholesome activities and Thyme villa met my needs.

What does a wellness incorporated holiday look like? Waking up early to catch the sunset, meditating in absolute silence, exercise to energise you for the day, having a wholesome breakfast, journaling your intentions, and feeding your mind with a good book.

Our booking was made possible by H&H Travel Group, they specialize in creating lasting memories with family and friends to help enhance their lives through quality travel experiences. Their mission is to revolutionize the way families and friends see the world in order to create lasting memories and relationships. True to their word, this trip fully met all my expectations!

Yours in Wellness,



Writer: Loise Machira

Location: Thyme Villa, Naru Moru Town (Laikipia County, Kenya)

Trip Organiser: Hoteles & Hogares (H&H) Travel Group-  

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