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There Is No Better Time Than The Present

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Let’s be honest… working out during this period of social distancing is not an easy task. With most fitness facilities closing as a result of Government directives to prevent the spread of coronavirus, majority who prefer to workout in a gym are dealing with a great loss. One could argue that it might be a little dramatic to describe it as a loss, but to me and many others, we are really struggling!

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The abrupt disruption in our everyday routine has not only interfered with our fitness journey but on a larger magnitude has caused financial instability with many getting salary cuts, being sent away on unpaid leave and worse, losing their jobs entirely. This crisis got me thinking about how we can cope with sudden changes that are beyond our control as individuals. One of the powerful benefits of staying active is that it helps us cope with difficult situations. We are always advised to keep moving our bodies; hydrate; eat nutritious meals; get enough rest; and engage our minds by reading and meditating to be at our optimum health.

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However, how do you deal with the current crisis if you can’t move due to the limitations? Majority are stocking up on non-perishables due to the fear of supermarkets running out of food. We all know that nutritious meals are those that have the shortest shelf life; so how do we remain mindful of what we eat? And lastly, how does one manage to deal with the stress of losing business or a job? This global pandemic has destabilised many and the worst part is that we don't know how long the situation will last.

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I have always found solace in leaving my home and going to the gym which I consider my ‘safe space’. Establishing a different space to get our minds and bodies right is appearing to be detrimental if we are not able to quickly adjust. Whereas I am struggling to workout at home, I highly acknowledge the importance of taking steps to stay active.

If we sit around watching Netflix all day either in bed or the couch, we stand to lose all the incredible progress we have made. Did we really come this far to let coronavirus win? By staying moderately active during this period, eating clean and hydrating, we will be strengthening our immune system against the virus. But… it's easier said than done right?

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In order to maintain our sanity and build our mental resilience, it will take an extra level of motivation and crucial tips to maintain the daily routine we previously had. If we could get ourselves to the gym before, we are definitely capable of working out at home. Here are some tips of how we can get past this together: -

Identify Your Workout Space

Not many are privileged to live in homes or apartments that have access to a gym. All you need is a corner that can fit your mat and any fitness accessories you might have. Make sure the space is also near a window to get fresh air and wide enough for any exercises that will need you to jump side to side or stretch. If you have access to a garden, rooftop or a balcony, these make the perfect spaces!

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Get A Mat

Buying a yoga mat should be at the top of your to-do list if you don’t have one already. Since it’s an accessory that will stay with you forever, its best to invest in a good quality mat. Don’t be misled by cheap mats because they tear within a few weeks and they lack the thickness to support your joints when doing certain exercises. (Check out Decathlon or Carrefour for good quality mats) If you want to treat yourself, Core Active Yoga which is a Kenyan brand have the best quality mats I have seen yet.

Update Your Music Playlist

When music hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley was not lying about the huge impact music has in our lives and how it can elevate our moods. If the workout is 45mins long and you’re not up for it, having a pre-set playlist of your favourite songs will improve the experience.

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Applying these tips will prepare you mentally to workout at home because there is no better time than the present right? Although it will take some time to adjust, putting aside 30- 45 minutes for yourself will make all the uncertainty bearable. While you’re here, make sure to check out our article “What The Fit” where we broke down the best innovations on how fitness meets technology; you might find a machine that suits your needs. 

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In our next newsletter for this COVID-19 series, we will be diving into fitness essentials you need to have at home! A lot of these accessories will take your fitness to the next level in case you need to spice up your workouts.

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