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Dear Reader,

Happy Global Wellness Day in advance!

Global Wellness Day is a day away and we cannot be anymore excited! GWD is a special day celebrated all over the world in over 100 countries with over 4000 participants raising awareness on the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle. On this one day in the year, thousands of people all over the world come together to ask themselves how we can all live a healthier and happy life.

As a wellness brand, we had to join the conversation this year and hopefully encourage as many people as possible to make healthier choices that could and would unlock their potential. One of our leading mantras at Tizi is that wellness is the key to empowering yourself whilst also building inner resilience against diseases. As huge supporters of this initiative, we teamed up with Sweat Station Bootcamp, The Wellness Project, Strength Kenya, Lancet Kenya, Alpha Fit and Jamhuri Events to create The Wellness Collective. (Tap for more details)

The Wellness Collective will be celebrating GWD every year with a range of different activities including:-

i) Wellness Checks

ii) Sweat Station Bootcamp

iii) Panel Session

iv) Healthy Food Vendors

v) Music Performances

vi) Active Wear Sale

Join us on Saturday at Alpha Fit as we usher in out first event! We cannot wait to see you there. See below for the poster and programme.

Event Poster

The Programme

The Panel

Sapna Chandaria- (Empowerment & Transformational Expert)

Willis Raburu (Fitness Enthusiast and Media Personality)

Betty Kanorio (Nutritionist)

Omar Yusuf- (Crossfit Enthusiast)

Wouter Visser (Fitness Expert & Owner of Alpha Fit)


Our Founder, Loise Machira

We hope to catch you there! Feel free to get in touch for more details on the wellness collective and don't forget to subscribe below to receive more of our newsletters!

Yours in Wellness


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