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Have you come across the saying that goes 'couples that train together, stay together?' Whereas one could argue this might not always be the case, our next feature show us that choosing to invest in your health as a couple creates a powerful foundation for the relationship.

We stumbled across Cymba Health on social media and absolutely fell in love with their initiative and what they stand for. Cymba Health is a company whose mission is to bring love and commitment to fitness and fitness into the family set up. The company was founded by Sinaida Aura and Clyde Mulando and a few weeks ago marked two years since they started this journey.

TIZI: How did you meet?
CH: We met virtually on instagram and physically at Mwamba RFC.

TIZI: Why did you decide to start this initiative?
CH: To bring change in our society. We are both passionate about fitness and felt we could change the trend of people working out alone. We hope to inspire guys to working out with their significant others. This includes their friends and family members. We hope that above everything, we will impact couples both young and old to work out together; and use that as a way of bonding other than the usual cliche stuff.

...Fitness if used well is a great tool to keep the fire burning competitively and healthily. We believe that physical fitness is just part of the other important aspects of being healthy. We also have mental, emotional and spiritual health that we share greatly. As a young couple, we have learnt how important those four needs are in a relationship.

TIZI: What challenges have you experienced with Cymba Health?
CH: Like many companies breaking into the market, it has been a challenge finding capital to actualize a couple of our projects that we have put on hold.

TIZI: Why is health and wellness important to you?

CH: We both have been into fitness and wellness way before we met. Leading a healthy life has just always been a 'thing!'. It is only until we were older that we realized it really does go a long way; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We have also lost close people to lifestyle related diseases. This too has played a big part in our decisions to be as healthy and active as possible. Also who doesn't like a nice strong and firm body? :)

TIZI: What lies in the future for Cymba Health?
CH: We have a couple of projects we are working on. We are excited about them and can't wait to share with everyone. Our mission is to be one of the best companies in offering fitness and health services. Our vision is to be a leader in strength and conditioning in sports. We aspire to help in children and youth talent development in Kenya.

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Location: Alpha Fit

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