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Thank You, Next- Sincerely Us

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.- C.S. Lewis

Here we are, on the last day of December finally concluding a year that has been a rollercoaster that we did not anticipate. Who would have thought that majority of the year would be spent under lockdown and in quarantine? We were all forced to quickly adapt to the new reality of working from home, social distancing, sanitizing everything we touch, washing our hands and the worst part, being separated from friends and family members. Along with the pandemic came a shift in how we stay fit and healthy; COVID-19 forced us to workout from home and become more mindful to what we consume in order to boost our immunity. In light of this, we created a new segment called ‘COVID-19’ where all the articles were tailored to the new reality. Here are our top picks for 2020 in case you missed out on them. If you keep reading, you will find an incredible offer our Tizi community has been given by Yogi Approved to kickstart your new month in the new year. We also highly recommend a cup of coffee for the read.

Top 10 Articles Of 2020

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Wellness In A Pandemic: This is a series we created to engage with people we admire across various topics of healthy living but specifically tying it to coping with the pandemic. So far, we have hosted Ashton August, Nimu Mureu, Yvonne Endo, Anne-Marie Burugu, Polycarp Otieno, Georgie Ndirangu, Ian Wafula and Gabriella Fox. The conversations ranged from fitness, yoga, nutrition, skin care, mental health, and even cyber bullying. All the interviews can be accessed on our IGTV, so feel free to pop in there and check out these isnighful conversations!

Fitness Takeover: We hosted our first live yoga beginner workshop on 29th December with Ashton August, who is the Co-founder of Yogi Approved and Yogi Approved Classes. She showed us how to link breath to motion and how to practice fun beginner yoga poses like Cat/Cow, Down Dog, Warrior 2, and Tree Pose. Check out their membership class where you only pay 14$ for each month to access over 100 fitness classes and the best part? For every class you attend, they plant a tree in West Africa; so far over 140,000 have been planted! If you ask me, this is a killer deal we should all grab.

While we are here, we are so excited to announce that Yogi Approved have given us a free membership for the Tizi community for the whole month of January to have access to their YA Classes! See below for how you can claim your free membership with access to over 100 amazing classes ranging from yoga to barre among others.

How To Redeem Your Free YA Classes Membership

1. Explore the YA Classes page to see all they have to offer

2. When you're ready to create your membership, go to the checkout page

3. Choose the monthly membership option

4. Proceed through checkout as normal and enter your code: tizitalks

Selfcare Sunday: Most people think that selfcare is only about going for a spa treatment and spending money on high end retreats. Through this new series, we invited people who inspire to walk us through their selfcare routines in whichever form they practice. We first had Anushka Chandaria, a Certified Health & Nutrition coach showing us a day in her life guiding us through what healthy living looks like. We later had Sandra Wanjiku, the co-founder of Glow With S walking us through her skin care routine and we got to learn about great skin care products. We also had Wanja Wohoro who showed us a day in the life of a creative where she highlighted her key selfcare practices which included soaking in sunshine, practicing yoga and reading a good book.

Guest Writers: We are growing! As of September, this year, we started working with guest writers who have been contributing to the site. We are happy to work with health and wellness enthusiasts who are passionate about inspiring others to develop habits that will optimize their potential. The topics range from fitness, nutrition, skin care, travel, mental health, reviews, and general lifestyle. If this is you, please get in touch!

As we wrap up the year, we hope that you’re able to stay committed to your wellness goals of getting healthier both physically and mentally. In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we are made of. Remember that no matter how hard the past was, you can always begin again.

Happy New Year!

Yours in Wellness,



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