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Thank God Its Friday! Zumba Anyone?

by Phoebe L.Gor

Dear Reader,

We’ve got different forms of fun cardio workouts that come up everyday. Now, if you're always down to dance and get your vibe on as a work out, then Zumba is definitely for you. By this point, I’m assuming we all have some form of knowledge about Zumba; yes, the same dance class that is offered at every and all gyms to attract, largely, the ladies.

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According to Livestrong, Zumba is a form of exercise meant to feel more like a party than an aerobics class. But even though you might feel like you're at the club, you're still getting all the same benefits of a challenging exercise session, including fat and calorie burning, muscle toning and improved aerobic fitness.

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Zumba 101 needs you to always remember that it is an actual work out that does target specific muscles of the body, improves flexibility as well as, increasing your cardio endurance all this in coordination with specific songs that enhance this experience. Certified Zumba instructors do receive dedicated and updated playlists that more often than not come with fundamental dance moves aimed at the ‘work out’ bit of it. That’s why most of the dance moves at times are repetitive.

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With those few pointers in mind, do you really Zumba at your regular class, or is it just a dance work out with your current favorite club bangers and a little co-ordination to make up choreography? Do you actually make a workout, out of it or are you really just trying to keep up with the moves of whoever is instructing the class?

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We are not trying to rain on your ‘showcase my best dance moves’ parade, but it is important to really get the value for your money without compromising on your fitness. We have attended a number of Zumba classes, from certified ZINTM instructors to regular dance enthusiasts who more often than not, operate under the guise of being certified.

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Both classes are fun, you get to jam, jump, maybe twerk at some point, throw in a little bit of Awilo Logomba and it’s a party! While the certified Zumba instructor will have moves based on your form and your ability (considering age, injuries, flexibility), he/she will even give you alternative moves to the initial dance moves to make sure that you’re getting the value for your money.

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On the flip side, the dance enthusiast-instructor will have you match their ability. Now, this doesn’t sound too bad if dancing is your forte. But, for someone who’s actually turning to dance for fitness, they are instantly compromised. Given that the nature of these classes gives a small window for isolated movements and form development; you’re basically at the club…that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Ultimately, how you end up encompassing your dance fitness is up to you, entirely. But, do give a chance to an actual certified trainer, and feel the difference.

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What To Expect In A Zumba Class

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Photography: Brian Koome, Strikingly, Pexels

References: Livestrong

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