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"Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body and make yourself whole again." - Farnoosh Brock

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Are you aware of the benefits of cold pressed juice over traditional juice blending? According to Food Insight, cold-pressed juice is made with a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables. This means that all the nutrients are retained whereas if you prepare your juices using the traditional blender, most of the nutrients are lost through the heat and oxidization.

I came across Terra Cold Pressed Juice a few weeks ago on social media and I had to try out their juices because I had never drank cold pressed juice before, little did I know the benefits it has over blended juice. I was so pleased with the amazing flavors they have! I also loved the packaging; something about it kept me thirsty for more.

The Refresher

This flavor is perfect as an afternoon pick me up! The combination of watermelon, beetroot, lime, mint and apple will keep you energized and refreshed.

Urban Beet

It has been scientifically proven that vegetable based juices enhance brain function by improving memory, concentration, as well as slow down or even stop neuro-degenerative diseases. This delicious drink is prepared with beetroot, orange, kale and cucumber. Go ahead and get yourself some for the new month!

Breezy Green

You will want to have one of these after your workout. Since its made with pineapple, cucumber, apple and mint; it makes the perfect post-workout drink because its full of carbohydrates which you need for energy repletion and antioxidants that may help relieve soreness.

Clea Earnshaw and Leon Weche are definitely on board with this power drink. (Be sure to check out their social media handles for personal training)

The Big City Carrot

The big city carrot gives you that extra kick in the morning. I enjoyed having it with my morning oat meal (pardon me, I am still working on my photography skills!) The best way to enjoy this drink is by having it before breakfast. The combination of carrot, apple, ginger, and lemon will leave you ready to tackle your day's tasks!

If you haven't devoured these freshly pressed juices, you are definitely missing out. The 350 ml bottle only costs 260 Kshs. Make sure to check out their social media accounts @terracoldpressed or call +254 707 081 290 to order some for the rest of the week!

Yours In Wellness,


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