Reflections From Sawela Lodge, Naivasha

The purpose is in the lessons we learn now. – Kendrick Lamar

By Loise Machira

It feels like ages since I last wrote here. Its literally 12 minutes past midnight and I have allowed myself to be distracted by hilarious videos of Kevin Hart on Jimmy Fallon’s YouTube channel. Luckily, the rains have destabilized the WIFI connection enabling me to re-shift my attention to you.

One of my favourite online publications is called Words of Women created by Lauren Martin. Her honesty and vulnerability in one of her recent articles spoke to my situation in a surprisingly insightful way, yet our worlds are far apart. For a long time, I have been exploring ways of writing sustainably in a struggling economy. Have you seen the new prices of milk?

Having a creative outlet has been one of my biggest joys up until it wasn't. Every time I wanted to write, I would constantly hear a nagging voice asking me how this could sustain me. And if I didn’t have the answer to this question, I would quickly close the word document and jump onto LinkedIn, Relief Web, Fuzu, Up Work, you name it, to look for ‘paid work.’ Before I knew it, a short break turned into months of not working on something I deeply cherished.

Sometime in December 2021, I attended a founder’s event where I asked the question of how a passion project could be converted into a sustaining business. Through Tizi Talks, I have been blessed to work on both paid and unpaid campaigns; appeared on multiple media platforms; and invited to high-level forums the most recent being a tech-symposium in Uganda. I have also met highly talented entrepreneurs, content creators, and thought leaders across different sectors.

Where I’m I going with this? For a long time, I felt conflicted about my future but choosing to work on myself through the transitions gave me the clarity I needed. Wellness was never the destination, but a way of living that was keeping me on the right path. I didn’t have to figure it out because it was already changing me and all I needed to do was accept that I was changing.

They say when you work on your business or career, you could make a lot of money, but when you work on yourself, you could make a fortune. This is the realization I made recently while on a work trip out of town. As I sat at the balcony of my hotel room overlooking Lake Naivasha while enjoying a cup of chamomile tea, I noticed a herd of baby giraffes.

I wasn’t aware my balcony overlooked the lake; little did I know that in the comfort of my room, these beautiful animals would be keeping me company all week. I was really at peace, listening to Tupac’s song changes in my white hotel robe and slippers. In this moment, I took a deep breathe to soak in the moment and I finally felt a shift within me. That ultimately, as humans, we’re all trying to seek joy, and this looks different for many people. And that life is really about perspective.

This somewhat feels like a fresh start, and perhaps one that I needed for a long time. It’s great to be back here writing again, creating and engaging with you on all things healthy living! I have been seeing all the lovely comments and it brings me so much joy to hear some of the articles pulled you out of a difficult place. I created Tizi Talks for this reason, to be a platform that could show us that we have all it takes to unlock our potential.

The journey inward is the longest journey- Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjöld

Yours in Wellness,



Sawela Lodge, Naivasha

Nakuru County, Kenya


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