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Recharging Your Fitness Mojo

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Have you ever gone through a period where you are completely demotivated both mentally and physically? I definitely have. At the beginning of the year, I was geared up and ready to crush my goals but as the month of March approached, I could feel myself slowing down and almost hitting a plateau with my fitness journey. I wasn’t enjoying working out anymore and felt as though it was slowly losing its meaning. I started missing my sessions and the fact that my trainer left the gym was a big blow to my motivation.

Knowing that I needed to get myself together, I did ample research on this area and followed a few tips I came across by one of my favorite wellness bloggers which worked miracles. So here is my own twist on how you can recharge your fitness mojo to get back on track, you can thank me later :)

1. Switch up your entire routine because chances are, you are probably bored and in need of something different. Perhaps consider working out with a different trainer because its not easy to get a trainer who will train you while motivating you at the same time.

2. Do more group classes as opposed to individual workouts. The Nairobi fitness scene is booming at the moment with different classes being offered at affordable rates (well, minority are affordable) but you get my point. The classes range from aerial silks, Z6, crossfit, hot yoga, pilates, kick boxing, bootcamps, you name it! Challenging yourself with activities you have never done before will actually give you better results.

Endorphins Galore!

3. Perhaps you need to join an entire new gym and start again. I used to train at the same facility for three years and hit a plateau because I lost motivation and felt like a factory machine repeating the same routine over and over. Joining a new gym goes a long way in giving you an extra push because you get to make new friends who will hold you accountable if you miss a session and a different environment is always welcomed.

4. Don’t just join any gym; join one that offers a range of classes because on the days you don’t feel like working out alone, you can always opt for a quick and intense one hour class that will get the job done! Some of my favourite facilities in Nairobi with diverse well organised classes are Fitness Revolution, Alpha Fit, and Momentum Fitness.

5. Upgrade your active wear wardrobe. You don’t have to break your bank to get new workout clothes. There are a number of vendors who sell affordable active wear and some of my favorites at moment are Abby Striker (check out her clothes on instagram) and good old Toy Market where they have good clothes and sneakers that are not second hand. If you are a lover of African themed brands, then try out Impano Sports Wear and Lornah Sports. Wakanda Forever right??

6. Get a gym buddy! Funny enough, I actually don’t have a gym buddy or anyone to ask me why I missed a certain class. When I started my fitness journey, I did it alone because nobody else was keen to join me at the gym or any of the classes. As a result of this, I developed an innate discipline to hit the gym with or without a gym buddy. However, I have noticed that people who exercise together rarely miss their sessions and that’s a win!

7. Update your music playlist because music is life. Here is how I use music to workout. If I'm in the gym for one hour which amounts to sixty minutes, this can actually be shortened mentally by your choice of songs. An average song lasts 3 minutes and 30 seconds; so try to select about 20 of your favourite songs and before you know it, you will be done with your workout! (20 songs multiply by 3 minutes is equals to one hour) *Major Key Alert*

I hope these tips help you get back on track if you are struggling with motivation or you have hit a plateau. I would love to know how you recharge your fitness mojo, comment on the section below. Hoping your last stretch of September is filled with happiness, peace of mind and productivity.

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