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Pre- Marathon Bootcamp

Each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself. Take it and make the most out of it.

Dear Reader,

About a week ago, we organised a bootcamp powered by Pace Africa in collaboration with Alpha Fit Gym, Z6 Cross Training and Wellness Project Africa to get people active before the upcoming Standard Charted Marathon. More often than not many participants of marathons fail to prepare physically for the race which exposes them to injury and even worse health complications. By getting people together to sensitize them on what is required to run a long race, we put together a list of activities!

- Wellness Checks-

The Wellness Project Africa is a health based company that offers medically monitored and tailor-made nutritional plans anchored on science that effectively take their clients to their ideal body composition and body weight. Coupled with the personal support of a dedicated wellness partner and care of experts from every aspect of wellness, they ensure that you achieve your desired weight. They partnered with Pathologist Lancet Kenya to perform health assessments touching on blood sugar for all the participants of the bootcamp.

- Z6 Cross Training-

Z6 Cross training is a form of exercise that focuses on metabolic conditioning. It was founded by Ed Mujumba and its currently offered at Alpha Fit Gym. It was such a good treat! He really whipped everyone into shape the diverse workouts including running laps on the Impala field. Everyone was drenched after the intense two hours!

Ed Mujumba, Founder of Z6 Cross Training

- Nutrition & Fitness Advice-

We had nutrition and fitness experts offering great advice centered around preparing for marathons! Everyone who attended was able to walk away with a wellness assessment form and tips on running long races.

- Healthy Lifestyle Vendors-

Since the bootcamp was powered by Pace Africa, they were selling all their earphones and headphones at a special discount. In case you are not aware, Pace is a Kenyan company and the first to manufacture electronics for the active lifestyle. Participants of the bootcamp were able to purchase new earphones that would improve their running experience, If you have never come across this innovative brand, then you are missing out on a special sound experience! We highly recommend it. We also had additional vendors selling healthy food from Asili and active wear from Abby Striker.

Due to the positive feedback from everyone who attended, we will be doing many more bootcamps in the future. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated on future events! We can't wait to meet you all again. Best wishes to all the spartans who will be participating in the Standrard Charted Marathon this coming weekend, you got this!

Your health is an investment; not an expense.

Yours in Wellness,


Chief Online Editor: Loise Machira

Photorgaphy Credits: Brian Taty

Location: Alpha Fit Gym

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