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No Monday Blues

The 8th Annual Global Wellness Day Celebration is almost here! Global Wellness Day is dedicated to asking ourselves how we can live a healthier and happy life. It’s a non-profit initiative that was founded by Belgin Aksoy to create awareness on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and the first celebration took place in Istanbul back in 2012 and has now significantly grown to be celebrated in more than 100 countries at 5000 different locations. Click here to see how it will be celebrated worldwide.

Blegin Aksoy, Founder of Global Wellness Day Organisation

Through the leadership of global ambassadors, the event brings together thousands of people to take part in various activities on this special day. For the first time since its inception Kenya will join the celebrations through my appointment as the first Global Wellness Day Ambassador for Kenya. I have been planning this event for a couple of months now and I am so excited that the celebration is only a few days away!

GWD will be taking place on June 8th at Trademark Hotel located in Village Market from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Seeing that it’s the first time for Kenya to be part of this initiative, I took an educational and informative approach to raise awareness on wellness. The current misconception is that it’s a lifestyle limited to those who are financially stable and therefore seen as a luxury. It’s only in the recent past that it has been understood to be a necessity that could unlock one’s potential and a form of self-development.

Global Wellness Day Key Volunteers

Kaushal Shah & Faith Mwanza

The event will act as a wellness information hub where you will have access to experts and brands in the health & wellness industry. Wellness Project Africa will be running free wellness checks which comprises of a body composition analysis of weight, body fat, body water, skeletal muscle and BMI. Selus consultancy will also be giving free mental health checks all day including one on one therapy sessions.

There will be two panel discussions with a variety of experts in the health & wellness space industry. The discussions will be on ‘Physical Health & Inner Health’ because the aim is to show that good health is not limited to working out and eating healthy, but it’s also about looking after our mental, emotional and spiritual health through various self-care practices. I will moderate both panels with a guided discussion asking how we can live a healthier and happy life. Come prepared with questions! :)

What’s a wellness event without a workout session? Ignite Fitness will be running two group workouts; yoga in the morning and zumba in the afternoon. All you need is to come dressed in your active wear and carry a yoga mat. I chose these two workouts because I wanted to illustrate that there are many ways of working and the most important thing is to find something you actually enjoy. Don’t worry, all the workouts will cater to beginners!

Tipwa Tipwa Fitness Studio

In the spirit of celebrating wellness, Crevit Mulier will be awarding an individual who is transforming the perception of day to day wellness and its impact on society. Crevit is an organisation that was founded by Lanji Ouko to holistically transform the conversations around societal issues that are often brushed under the rug. Being the first of its kind in Kenya, they strongly advocate for gender justice across Africa and its network of influential women is one you want to be part of! Make sure to grab their newsletters on the big day with all details of the organisation and how you can get involved.

I can’t wait to meet you all, learn together and break a sweat while having a great time. The best part is that it’s completely free, so you don’t have to worry about buying any tickets. You will only need to register at the entrance and enjoy the activities of the day. The dress code is pink active wear or at least try to have some pink on you. Until then, I hope you have a great short week and see you on Saturday!


Yours In Wellness,



Chief Online Editor: Loise Machira

Location: Trademark Hotel located in Village Market, Nairobi

Images: Global Wellness Day Organisation, Desmund Njenga, Raphael Mumbo,

Video: Desmund Njenga

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