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Manifesting a Fruitful Year; Hello 2023!

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that we will be more fruitful.”- John 15:1-2

Dear Reader,

Now that the trial month has officially come to an end, how are you feeling about sticking to your resolutions if any? I'll go first, it has not been great on my part. Within the first week of January, I was already enjoying glasses of wine, and didn't manage to be consistent with my workouts until the second week. Eventually, I finally got back my momentum and reduced on the late nights to make sure I was getting enough rest.

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Being fruitful takes time, but that’s easier said than done. To be very honest, I used to hear this bible verse when I was young but never fully understood its application. So many times in the past, I would be easily frustrated by life if things didn't go my way. I would also question God’s plan if I failed multiple times at dating, career, business or simply applying for jobs. Have you ever found yourself knocking at closed doors until you start questioning your sanity?

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At my bigger age and having gone through it, developing a better relationship with God has illuminated this verse. What I now understand, is that if we place God at the center of our life, we will be fruitful. However, this will not be an overnight reward, nor will it be an easy endeavor. In my previous blogpost, I wrote about how all the transitions began making sense as soon as I embarked on a spiritual journey.

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Wellness has always been the lifestyle I subscribed to from my early 20’s but the pillar which I never focused on was spirituality. In 2021 going into 2022, I worked on this muscle through prayer, devotion, church, listening to gospel music and being mindful about the company I keep and content I consume.

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In the last few days before closing 2022, I set aside time to reflect on the year in form of journaling and meditation. I managed to set some intentions, lessons learnt and what I seek to achieve this year. Being able to attain some high goals in 2022 was made possible by a complete shift in my mindset and how I approach opportunities. This also extends to how I set personal boundaries, both with family and friends.

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For anyone who may not engage in selfcare practices that evoke thoughts, it may be daunting to reflect over the whole year in a few days. The only way I managed to recall every experience that made a huge impact in my life, is because I journaled it. Looking at entries from 6 months ago to the latest, I was able to see a pattern of habits that helped me grow in both my personal and professional life.

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Life is not a destination but a journey. Its not about the big changes, but the small daily habits we work on. As I look forward to this new chapter, here are some lessons that became apparent in my life and to be fair, transformed me for the better. I hope they speak to you.

  1. Keep an open mind, life has so much in store for you.
  2. Learn from your mistakes as fast as possible.
  3. Forget about the money and focus on value.
  4. Force yourself to be grateful because it does attract miracles.
  5. Don’t focus on titles, let your work speak for itself.
  6. Maintain your selfcare routine through the storm or transitions!
  7. Shift your mindset from an expert to becoming a student of life.
  8. Embrace any opportunity you have to travel.
  9. Open your heart to love and keep your intentions pure.
  10. Water your garden before judging and criticize anyone.
  11. Be intentional about who you spend your time with.
  12. Be excellent in everything you do.

May this new year prove to you that good things take time.

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Yours in Wellness,



Writer- Loise Machira

Location- Nyembeni Forest, Meru County

Images- Mental 360

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