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Keeping Up With Your Fitness Goals

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Can you believe we are only three months away from ushering in 2020? Let's look back at all those resolutions we set early in the year with the plans of getting stronger and healthier. While a small group of goal setters tend to stick to their resolutions, majority struggle to remain consistent and eventually quit too soon. If your main reason for not keeping up with your fitness goals is lack of motivation, here are a few tips to get back into your groove. You got this!

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1. Mind over body

Have you ever heard the quote that says, “Your body can do anything, it’s your mind that you have to convince”? The biggest hurdle that prevents us from taking our fitness to the next level is the fear of discomfort. Waking up in the morning sometimes feels impossible and hitting the gym after a long day of working could feel like torture. I experience this more than I would like to but you have to keep reminding yourself that on the days you don’t feel like it, you should push the hardest. At the end of the day, if you keep waiting for motivation to work out, you will never get it done.

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2. Make new friends

Here is the truth about the friends you keep; they will either be your biggest cheerleaders or hold you back. I don’t mean you have to let go of your squad but make sure you have people in your circle that have the same health & wellness goals as you. The best way to meet like-minded people is by attending group classes; if you prefer working out alone, break your routine by trying something new!

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3. Social Media Filter

Do you sometimes scroll on social media and feel guilty when you see posts of people showing their incredible physique? Its very easy to start comparing yourself to 'fit instamodels' who might appear perfect but in reality, their pictures have been highly filtered and edited. Even if there is no filter, comparing yourself to someone else will take you thousand steps back because you don’t know what they eat, their daily routine, body composition and even genetics. Here is what you need to do; limit your following to accounts of people who encourage you to look at fitness as a lifestyle as opposed to an end result! On that note, do you follow us on our socials? We are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn as @tizitalks.

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4. Focus on the long term investment

Although this is easier said than done, choosing to be healthier is a form of self- investment because essentially, you are forced to spend money on swapping clean eating options, buying workout clothes, and signing up for gym membership. One might look at the costs and question the importance but in the long run, your health will be at its optimum. In case you missed out, I published an article on the '9 gym must have's' which gives you a good idea of what you need to get started!

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5. Remember why you started

There is a reason why you started your wellness journey. Anytime you feel like quitting, go back to that reason because its the one thing that will fuel you to keep going. Mental resilience increases when you learn to control your mind and actions to live your best life. Everyone else can easily quit on you, so never quit on yourself.

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up.


Wellness Editor: Loise Machira

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