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How To Settle In A New Gym

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Have you ever been so comfortable with your fitness routine to the point where if anything disrupts it you could easily get off track? Majority of us have been there; whether it’s a new job, moving homes or travelling, it’s important to always make sure you stay consistent to avoid losing out on all the work you have done.

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Moving to a different city or across continents can have a positive or negative impact on your fitness routine. If you’re like me, you moved with all your workout clothes and accessories so that on your first day, you have something familiar to help take the edge off being in a new environment.

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The moment you walk into your new gym, you realize that everything is not where you’d think it's supposed to be, which can throw you off especially if your confidence is not at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s level. Even though the gym tour at the start of your membership should have been enough to set you up, there is still that feeling that incessantly reminds you that you’re new and ‘they’ can smell it on you. So, we are going to help you out a little bit, if we just described you.

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1. Plan your workouts ahead of time

A little trick we learnt earlier in the game, especially if you’re not able to afford a personal trainer; is to get a little notebook and on each page write which day it is and 5-6 different exercises that you’ll do, depending on your goals and targeted muscle groups. If you're doing a split workout, isolation workouts or cardio, jot it down and rock it out!

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2. Join a group class or try one out

Group classes can help you get a little more comfortable in your daily workout, because the trainer is leading the class already which takes away the guess work. Being in a class also enables you to spark up a conversation with one or two newbies just like you. This way, the pressure will come off right of the bat, even if it’s a step class and you feel like the only thing you are stepping on is your toes!

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3. Music is life, literally

Don't forget your music! Unless you prefer working out to the gym’s playlist (which can be lit sometimes or a continuous reggae concert) bring your own music! If you don't have a music streaming subscription that generates playlists based on what you listen to (Apple Music or Spotify), you can take some time out and personalize your own playlist from the music on your device and incorporate all the hype songs you need to push through your workouts. Don't forget a couple of cool down songs too, for when you're stretching.

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4. Keep going!

After two or three weeks, you’ll get the hang of your new gym. By this time, the place won't be so foreign depending on the timings that you train; you’ll see a couple of familiar faces and the trainers there will also be familiar, and just like that you'll be settled into your new normal.The most challenging part about moving is starting a fresh, usually. So, if you’ve made it to your day three at a totally new gym and you still can't easily find the clips for your barbell, its fine, you will find them on day five!

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