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Dear Reader,

Sometimes do you wonder whether other people are aware of gym etiquette? I definitely do! Having been to a number of different gyms and read ample fitness articles, I have come up with a list of good habits we should all adopt to make the gym a happy place for all! Just like any place where strangers are forced into close proximity, like an office or a restaurant, the gym has some unspoken rules that help everybody get along. You could be guilty of these gym faux pas and not even know it. For the newbies, get acquainted and stay woke.

Code of Conduct

1. Wipe the machine after using it because chances are, you will be dripping in sweat. Even if you don’t, its good etiquette and simply hygienic.

2. Don’t give unsolicited fitness advice to someone who is in the middle of their reps. (Especially if you are not a trainer) Let them finish and then you can step in to advise them on how to improve their technique in a polite manner. I always take advice positively but it’s a bit annoying when someone interferes when you are half way through your sets. Unless someone is putting themselves in immediate danger, avoid doing it. Even if someone might need it, no one appreciates the “know-it-all”, and you never know someone’s goals, previous or current injuries. They might be doing exactly what they need to be doing.

3. Don’t hog the weights because there is no scientific way you can use all of them at the same time. Take what you need and return it to the rack when you are done.

4. If you are sharing the squatting rack with someone who uses fewer weights than you, please remove the extra weights when you are done and leave it how you found it.

5. Don’t start up long conversations at the gym if the person hasn’t finished their workouts. This is crucial especially when someone is on the treadmill; let them finish unless you want them to die while trying to balance turning their heads to say hello.

6. Please wear clean clothes to the gym. I have seen people recycling clothes and the smell is not flattering. Be mindful of how this will affect the person next to you or your trainer who has to struggle through your session.

7. Don’t stare at someone while they are working out. It’s creepy.

8. Don’t use the wrong equipment for the job. Have you seen those guys at the gym who use the squat rack for bicep curls?

9. Have you heard of the phrase “orphaned weights”? These are weights that are left lying around. Please put the weights back on the rack when you are done with them. Gym attendants are overworked and it’s only fair to make someone’s life easier.

10. Whereas breathing is important for any exercise, letting everyone know how hard you’re working out is quite annoying. It’s the least flattering thing to make loud groans and most people will not be impressed.

11. Don’t rush someone as you are waiting to use the machine… its quite obnoxious.

12. Don’t steal a machine while it is being used; the least you can do is ask if the person was done with it. :)

13. Don’t drop your weights! It repugnant. There is a huge difference between placing them on the floor and giving everyone a heart attack at the gym because of the loud bang.

14. Don't be that person who gets too physically close to someone on the machine or at the stretching area. Be mindful of personal space.

15. Don't block someone's view in the mirror. When you see someone looking intensely into the mirror and lifting dumbbells, then do your best to stay out of their line of sight. The reason why gyms have mirrors is because people like to observe their form to make sure its correct; and to see their progress of course!

16. Don’t occupy a piece of equipment if you are going to sit there scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. You’re there to train, so focus and train.

17. Dear men, don’t hit on a lady during her workout. It is very annoying when a guy taps your shoulder and you have to take off your headphones, put the weights down, and listen to him come up with some cheesy pick-up line. This is our ‘me’ time. Try and catch us after the session..if you will be lucky enough.

If you have any more annoying things that you see people do at the gym, comment here and subscribe :)

Yours in Wellness,


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