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Global Wellness Day Kenya 2020

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Happy new month! Are you still keeping track of days on the calendar? In a corona-free world, we would be buzzing with excitement about long weekend escapades or events to attend because there’s nothing as replenishing as a public holiday falling on a Monday. It’s crazy to see we are halfway through the year but if we made it this far, we can pull off another six months right? With everything going on right now, its easy to get sucked into a world of worry and stress but we have to make the most out of the time we have while we’re alive.

That being said, let’s dive into something exciting to look forward to. In case you’re not aware, June 13th is the official date for Global Wellness Day; one day in the year, the world stops to raise awareness on the impact healthy living has on our lives. Last year I was honored to be appointed as the Global Wellness Ambassador of Kenya. Through this, my role is to put together an event that will bring people together and address all questions around healthy living from inner health to physical health. In 2019, Kenya joined the celebrations for the first time in an event that successfully brought together more than 300 people. In case you missed it, click here to see what happened.

Global Wellness Day 2019 Celebrations

Although we are living in a new reality, this has not stopped us from putting together this year’s event. With a team of dedicated GWD volunteers, we have been able to organize something special for you. Special shout out to Nailah Mutheu, who has been a key supporter behind planning for the big day and is the founder of the wellness blog, Navigating with Nailah. With the tagline, “as you go through life, grow through it”, her intention is to educate, entertain and engage people on all things wellness, skin care and life, and to help people see the bigger picture in their situations, enabling them to emerge better and/or stronger.

Nailah Mutheu- Founder, Navigating with Nailah (Key Supporter, Global Wellness Day)

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will take place online on the Global Wellness Day Kenya Instagram page on June 13th. Check out the poster and programme below to see what we have in store for you.

We have partnered with Mom3ntum Fitness to run the fitness class of the day which will be a 30-minute HIIT workout to kickstart the event. Thereafter, I will moderate four conversations with Sahil Kakar, Founder of Mom3ntum Fitness; Kaushal Shah, Certified Nutritionist; Tatiana Karanja, Photographer & Social Media Influencer; and Dr. Oscar Githua, Kenya’s first Forensic Psychologist. With these three speakers, we will dive into topics of fitness, nutrition, motherhood, and mental health (men’s perspective). These key topics will also be centered around how to cope during a lockdown.

Sahil Kakar- Founder, Momentum Fitness

Jake Kuria- Lead Fitness Trainer, Mom3ntum Fitness

Tatiana Karanja- Photographer & Social Media Influencer

Kaushal Shah- Certified Nutritionist

Dr.Oscar Githua- Forensic Psychologist

I am super excited to be hosting these speakers for GWD 2020 as we dive into topics that have a direct impact on our wellbeing especially during quaratine. Make sure to follow @tizitalks and @globalwellnessdayke across all social media platforms for all details leading up to the big day. Save the date and catch you there!

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Editor: Loise Machira

Images: Global Wellness Day Organisation, Desmond Njenga

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