Global Wellness Day 2023: a Dance Magenta Affair

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In 2022, Global Wellness Day reached millions of people around the world by placing its color – Magenta, at the center of simple actions with the theme #ThinkMagenta; underlining that Global Wellness Day is not a single day, but a philosophy that spans the whole year. Following its great success globally Pantone, the world color authority, announced the color of 2023 as Magenta.

Last year, we successfully hosted Global Wellness Day (GWD) at Nairobi Street Kitchen where we had close to 800 people take part in the celebrations. Through great teamwork and fruitful partnerships, we were able to have wholesome activities that had a positive impact on the wellbeing of all participants. This year, we are shaking things up literally.

As the GWD Ambassador for Kenya, I’m so delighted to share with you the updates of this year’s celebration. Every year, there is a new theme which is predominantly informed by what is happening in the world whilst also reminding us to stay grounded through wellness. The theme for 2023 is #DanceMagenta; an invitation to society to celebrate the healing effects of dance to our wellbeing.

We have partnered with Mental 360 and Prometheus Kenya for the second time to run free mental health assessments during the event in a designated ‘wellness village’. Each participant will have an opportunity to speak to a certified health practitioner and get an assessment on their mental health. For the first time, we have partnered with Kenya’s largest eye health provider, Optica to run free eye tests. Mirazi Healthcare will also collaborate with us by providing specialists to run BMI, calcium, glucose, blood pressure checks with dermatologist consultations.

In collaboration with Aarti Chandarana Khimji, there will be a magenta inspired zumba class merging dance and fitness. This will be a reminder to everyone that dancing is a form of exercise and an essential part of improving our mental health. She holds 5 key licenses and is an official registered member of Zumba. If you joined us in the 2019 celebrations, Aarti closed the event in a vibrant and high energy session!

For the second time, we are incorporating a spiritual practice in the programme. Having a routine that builds and strengthens your spirit is a key part to maintaining a positive state of mind. Shalini Bhalla-Lucas an internationally accredited meditation coach will be teaching simple and effective techniques to manifest a life of love, happiness, abundance and wellbeing. Join us as we learn to dance with our thoughts!

Kibunja Mukiri, popularly known as MC Kibunja/ The only MC with an LLB will be joining us this year as our official Emcee. We have also partnered with his company Craft 360 Concepts to run a fun session merging fitness and games (P.E) which he will be moderating. Craft is a boutique of all things events who pride themselves in being vibe and event curators. As I said, we are shifting the entire experience for GWD this year.

Kenya will be celebrating its 4th GWD Celebration while marking 11 years since the initiative was started in Turkey in 2012. Through a collaborative effort with leading partners in Kenya’s health & wellness sector, the celebration is set to take place at Anzana Gardens on June 10th, 2023. The #DanceMagenta Affair will be celebrating the healing effects of dance through zumba, meditation, art, and complementary wellness checks for all participants.

-2023 GWD Partners-

GWD celebrations here in Kenya has increased its impact every year from 400 participants in 2019 and close to 800 in 2022. Globally, the number of the individuals and organizations supporting the project has quadrupled and the event has gradually expanded. Millions have heard the call of Global Wellness Day and hundreds of thousands have promised themselves “a better life”. The strong call of GWD has crossed borders and given the project a universal identity: “One day, can change your whole life!”

-GWD Kenya Celebrations 2022-

For more information about this year's event and daily updates, follow the social media handles for GWD Kenya linked below for you. Check out the hash tags #globalwellnessday and #dancemagenta to see what is happening across the world.


Images: Eastlando Production

Venue: Anzana Gardens, Opposite Two Rivers Mall

Yours in Wellness,

Loise Machira

Founder, Tizi Talks

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