Fitness Hacks For The Early Birds

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"I wish I would have stayed in bed instead of working out in the morning," said no one ever.

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Dear Reader,

Isn't it absolutely insane that we are half way through February? How is your fitness journey so far? If you are like most people, you may have started to slow down and you might need some little motivation and tips of how to keep staying active. On this week's wellness buzz, I am sharing with you my fitness hacks that will hopefully help you make it to your next morning workout. Before applying all these tips, make sure to always stay hydrated and try to get 7- 8 hours of sleep.

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1. Make sure you have all the items you need to get you started.

Have you seen my article on the '9 Gym Must Haves'? Some of the items on the list include comfortable active wear, functional sneakers, earphones, among others. What you wear matters because the more comfortable you are, the more you will enjoy your workout.

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2. Pack your gym bag the night before with all the items on that list.

You can buy each item at your own pace, but invest in them because they make your workout more enjoyable.

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3. Prepare your pre-gaming snack so that you save time in the morning.

This could be a smoothie, fruit and yogurt, yogurt parfait, weetabix (2 tablets) or overnight oats. You want to eat the quickest snack that won't give you a stitch during your workout. Check out my two articles called 'Let's Pre-game' and 'Overnight Oats Sensation' for more details on this. The sooner you need to get to your workout, the lighter your snack needs to be.- Major Key Alert

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3. Create a music playlist specifically for your workouts.

Whether you will be using youtube, apple music or your own downloads make a special playlist with your favorite songs. I strongly believe that a good playlist is one of the keys to a good workout session. (Apple music also works on the Android store and it has great playlists)

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4. Charge your gadgets because there is nothing as annoying as seeing the notification that your battery is low during your workout.

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5. Drink a glass of cold water and take a quick morning shower before working out to give you that extra push. It works.

Many people would prefer to take a shower after their workout but if you do it before, you'll notice a huge difference with your motivation. Couple that with a lovely scented body splash that will leave you smelling like you are going on a date. Consider fitness to be a date with yourself... you need to smell good right?

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6. When you look good and smell good, you'll feel good and you'll be motivated to make it for your workout.

Thereafter, you will feel amazing walking into your office with confidence geared up to a whole new level. Morning workouts have been scientifically proven to supercharge your productivity.

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7. Lastly, find a fitness activity you actually enjoy. At the end of the day, fitness should not be a punishment.

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Whether you are waking up to go for a run, hit the gym or do a home workout, these seven tips will help you maintain the momentum. I would love to hear how else you stay motivated for a morning workout, comment below to share some of your tips and don't forget to subscribe to receive more of our weekly newsletters!

Yours in Wellness,


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