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You don’t drown by staying in the water, but by remaining submerged in it.- Louis Cole

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Happy New Month!

Beyonce told us to make lemonades when life gives us lemons but that’s easier said than done right? It’s been a rough couple of days but we have to keep our heads up and spirits high. So I am here to spill the tea on all things fitness and how we can continue to stay in top shape during quarantine. But before jumping into it, staying in shape is not a matter of looking a certain type of way but finding your balance both mentally and physically.

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Let’s be honest, the fact that we can’t continue with our normal routines makes it difficult to stick to our fitness goals right? The pandemic has brought a lot of pain from losing loved ones, health complications and financial constraints arising from salary cuts to lay-offs. Our new reality is a difficult pill to swallow but we have to work with what we have or face going into a possible depression. To be clear, I am referring to a mental depression and not an economic depression because this isn't that kind of blog. However, the Secretary General of UNCTAD did say that its a possible reality.

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Now more than ever, I realise that we have to make everyday count for something. We have to try and look for the good in every bad situation and ask ourselves what is life teaching me? Whereas that question might not have an immediate answer, if you stay active and take care of your mental health, your mind will be clear and it will allow you to cope better.

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Here are some of the fitness channels that have been keeping my head above the water. Whether you prefer cardio, strength training or yoga, these workouts will get those happy hormones running through your system.

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Self Magazine

Self is perfect for body weight exercises that are short and intense! I love the sessions because the trainers have the right energy making you feel like you're in a group class.

Yoga With Adrienne

Adrienne has a soothing tone and she will gently guide you into aligning your mind and body. Her yoga videos are divided into various themes such as yoga for energy, weight loss and even anxiety. Its a must try!

Yogi Approved

Yogi approved has a combination of various instructors teaching different forms of yoga. I know many men assume yoga is for women but its a huge misconception. Grab your mat and try this flow!

Heather Robertson

Heather's videos will leave you feeling strong and energized, she has various workouts designed for toning and building strength. If you're looking for an ab routine away from your mat, try this kick ass combination; your obliques will be on fire.

Pamela Rief

Pamela's exercises are short and challenging. Don't let her cute face fool you but she will leave you feeling unstoppable. Here is a beginner's workout which you can try at home to keep you active.

You can navigate these youtube channels and pick the workouts which will work for you. For majority of them, you only need a mat but if you have equipment at home, choose the videos which cater to that. If you're going through a hard time right now, be encouraged and know that this season too shall pass. Stay active and stay home.

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Images: Pexel, Strikingly

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