Filling Your Cup in The Month of Love

“Fill your own cup first and feed everyone else from the overflow. We must first nurture and fill our own cup with the sweet nectar of self-love, self-nurture and self-care.” – Diane Johnson

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Dear Reader,

As we usher in this month of love, let’s kick off on an intentional note. Do you ever feel mentally exhausted or drained when indulging in certain activities? The reason could be that you’re doing less of what you love and doing more of what others expect of you. The other reason could be that you need to conclude some chapters with love and look forward to what lies ahead because trust me, the future can be so bright if you simply shift your perspective. Self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you. Here are some ways you can begin the mindful process of filling your cup to become your best self.

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Conduct a Social Audit

Who we allow into our personal space directly impacts our wellbeing in ways we might not realize. Sean John Combs a.ka. Puff Daddy, has a famous quote that says, “If you’re not motivating me, praying for me, loving me, or trying to get money with me, you’re a distraction.” It takes wisdom and discernment to assess what you’re receiving from people you spend time with.

Snide comments labelled as jokes, complements tied to comparisons or favours accompanied with expectations are some of the red flags to look out for. Who is there for you when you’re experiencing a storm? Who celebrates you in rooms you’re not present? Take a mental note of how you feel around certain people. Just like a flower, we can only blossom if we spend time to create an environment where we can thrive. Once you audit your social circle wisely and limit interactions where necessary, you will start to cultivate inner peace.

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Take a Social Media Break

Whether you’re an online business owner, content creator, or simply use social media to pass time, the content we consume has the power to directly imbalance us mentally. Although it’s not intentional, spending too much time scrolling on the feed reduces your ability to focus and stay present. Constantly looking at what others are sharing online exposes you to multiple opinions, many of which could trigger anxiety and even past trauma.

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Developing a journaling routine will help you keep track of your thoughts and feelings which allows you to assess your own patterns or those of others. This enables you to objectively look at a situation from a non-judgmental lens and create a social diagnosis of the different energies people give you. The best way to get the most from journaling is by ensuring your entries are as honest as possible.

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We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to hit the pause button and be one with nature, or better yet, to wander where the Wi-Fi is weak. Whether it’s a morning walk in the park, soaking sunshine in a garden, hiking in a new place, travelling into the wild or walking on the beach, taking time to immerse yourself in nature is deeply therapeutic.

“There is something magical about being in nature. You cannot put it in words, but you feel it deep within - it touches your spirit. Just a few minutes of being in nature makes us feel healed and restored. Nature gives us strength, drains away all negative energy and fills us to the brim with positive energy.”- Out of Stress.Com

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Morning Routines

The key to unlocking our true potential has been developing and sticking to a routine that builds your body, mind, and spirit. Once you identify activities that bolster these three key parts of your wellbeing, your perspective begins to shift from limitations to possibilities. To read more about this, click here.

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If you don’t fill your cup, others will drain you dry.”- Oprah Winfrey​

Yours in Wellness,



Writer- Loise Machira

Images- Pixels, Strikingly

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