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Beauty And Brains

Dear Reader,

The Beauty and Brains is a self- love series organised and hosted by Madora Kenya where they invite a diverse group of women to have a panel discussion on their understanding of self-love. This being their third edition, I had to attend and meet the lovely panel which represented women of a wide demographic. The panel included Jaaziya Shiraz, Chiki Onwekwe, Connie Oluoch, Tatiana Karanja, and Agolla Aloo. What I loved the most was the honesty in their individual stories which made everyone feel at home. Its almost as if we were having a sleep over with the girls while being candid about mental health and the issues women face as entrepreneurs. (Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a special announcement)

The Beauty and Brains Panel

Panelists: Jaaziya Shiraz and Chiki Onwekwe

Agalla Aloo

Tatiana Karanja and Agolla Aloo

Katarina Karanja making sure she captures her sister's (Tatiana) special moments!

We got really deep in conversation!

The event brought together a great number of women who were so engaged in the discussions and of course the discounts on all the goodies! I got to meet interesting people who work in various fields from beauty to tech, health to finance, law to literature and many others. If you ask me, attending such events is the perfect way to network, be empowered and have a little bit of fun at the same time. Madora also had a 10% discount on their cosmetics. If you love a well organised beauty shop, I highly recommend this spot. The lighting is also perfect for trying out new products!

I think we can agree, every woman loves a good discount! :)

The men were not left out of the event as you can see! I had the pleasure of meeting the digital team from Canvas Media and the Marketing Manager of Madora. Did I also mention that there were complementary drinks and delicious snacks from Artcaffe? We were well taken care of!

Nathan Gathegi

Arjan Grewal- Thethy and Sonal Haria, Founders of Canvas Media Digital

Kamlesh Nuckchady, General Manager Madora Kenya

Congratulations Madora for setting up a successful event which brought women together to celebrate what makes us unique and most importantly, highlighting the importance of self-love. Wellness is not just about wearing a pair of sneakers and breaking a sweat, or eating healthy options majority of the time, its also about putting on a pair of heels and surrounding yourself with like minded people who uplift and inspire you. I look forward to attending the next series and hopefully catch you there!

***Special Announcement***

We are on YouTube! We finally have opened a wellness channel where we will be sharing a lot more content from all our segments which include Tizi Talks, Wellness Buzz, Tizi Bar, Tizi Review, Tizi Escape and Piga Tizi. You will get a chance to see more visual content in these segments and hopefully engage with you on that platform. So make sure to subscribe to our channel for more content on health, beauty and wellness.

Yours In Wellness,



Chief Online Editor: Loise Machira

Location: Madora Kenya

Photography: Loise Machira

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