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Beat Your Cravings

By Anushka Chandaria

We all get cravings at some point or another. They could be for sweet foods, salty foods or both! My cravings for something sweet kick in after dinner! There is always room for dessert right? But in all honesty, when we’re trying to stay on track with our health and eat as healthy as possible, we need to keep our cravings in check.

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The first step to curbing cravings is to understand if you are actually craving something or you are truly experiencing hunger. One of the best tips is to drink a glass of water, wait for fifteen minutes and if you are still hungry, then that means you really are hungry and your body is telling you it needs to be fed a hearty, healthy and nourishing meal. If you’re not hungry and you’re still craving a certain food, then your body genuinely wants to indulge. When you are craving food, instead of avoiding the craving completely, learn how to manage it. And here is how:-

1. Have a healthy relationship with food.

When you realize that there are no ‘bad’ foods and ‘good’ foods but just more nutrient dense foods as compared to others, you will have a better relationship with food. You won’t restrict yourself and ban yourself from eating the ‘bad’ foods and your body won’t have cravings because you are eating in moderation. Life is all about balance!

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2. Eat a well-balanced meal.

Ensure all your meals are well balanced and have a source of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. Not only does this help you stay fuller for longer, but it keeps your cravings at bay because it prevents hunger and you’re getting in all the nutrients your body requires. A lot of the time, your body starts craving sugar or less nourishing foods because it is lacking some sort of nutrient.

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3. Manage stress:

Stress can play a great factor in cravings. Some of us tend to eat when we are angry or sad. Learning how to control and manage stress will help you control your cravings. Stress raises your blood level of cortisol, which is a hormone that can make you gain weight. Managing stress will keep your cortisol levels in check and prevent cravings. Journaling, meditating, baking or dancing around your room are great stress busters! Always make some time for you. You deserve it!

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4. Sleep well:

Sleep is so essential for us all. This is when your body recuperates from the day. Getting in good quality sleep will make sure that your hormones do not fluctuate too much. Sleep deprivation can lead to poor appetite and strong cravings. This is why I say good quality sleep is vital in controlling cravings.

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5. Indulge!

Yes, you read it right. If you are craving something, have it. When you do this, your body is satisfied after a few bites of whatever it is that you are craving and that means your mind is also happy! If you completely try and avoid the craving, eventually you’re going to end up binging on the food you were avoiding and then you’ll feel guilty about over eating and it will have an overall negative affect on you. So enjoy your food, but in moderation!

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Try out these 5 methods and notice how much better you feel once you have learnt how to manage and control your cravings. You will feel so much better and your body will thank you. Life is all about enjoying the small things. So if you feel like eating something, eat it. Don’t punish your mind and body.

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Yours in Wellness,



Writer: Anushka Chandaria, Certified Holistic Health Coach (Nourish By Nush)

Instagram- @nourishbynush

E-mail: nourishbynush@gmail.com

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