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14 Gyms With Membership Fees Of Under 7000 Kshs

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Time and time again, we have all been in a position where we get to the end of our gym membership and consider taking a break to save some money. If you love comfort and exclusivity at the gym, most facilities in Nairobi will charge high rates to give you that environment. This is one of the reasons why healthy living is misconceived to be a lifestyle of the rich and famous.. Let me set the record straight; fitness is for you in as much as its for everyone else.

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On the flipside, you can also find gyms that will provide the basic necessities without making you break your bank. Allan Simbi our fitness contributor came up with a list of gyms in Nairobi that offer membership rates below 7000 Kshs. Hopefully with this list, you will be able to hit the restart button and get back into being active!

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- Gyms With Under Kshs 7000 Membership Fees-

  • Steel City Gym (Pangani): Kshs, 1000
  • Laurasam Fitness Center (Ngara): Kshs, 3500
  • Great Body Gym (Interfina House Tom Mboya Street): Kshs, 6000
  • Muscle Health Gym (CBD & Vision Plaza): Kshs, 5000
  • Penthouse Gym (View Park Towers): Kshs, 5500
  • Premier Fitness (Koinange Street: Kshs, 6000
  • Smart Gym (Junction): Kshs, 3500
  • TKO Gym (Nyayo Stadium): Kshs, 5000
  • Lystra Gym (Buruburu): Kshs, 4800
  • Infinity Gym (T-Mall): Kshs, 6500
  • Ultra Fitness (Kilimani): Kshs, 6000
  • Crossfit Kwetu Gym (Gigiri): Kshs, 7000
  • Racing Sports Gym (Westlands): Kshs, 6050
  • Colosseum Fitness (Ngong Road): Kshs, 5000
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Since we all have different preferences when it comes to joining a gym, its highly advisable to make a site visit to determine whether it meets your standards. Its also common to find gyms that offer membership rates excluding personal training; so its best to inquire before joining, whether the fees is inclusive of personal training or not. If paying for personal training is outside your budget, then consider doing group classes. Its the perfect way to get special assistance from the trainer, you get to make new friends and it takes away the guess work from individual workouts! Fitness doesn't have to be an expensive affair and it shouldn't be.

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